KERNWINE: The Premier Out-of-State Distirbution Broker for California's Boutique Wineries
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about us

KERNWINE is the premier out-of-state wine distribution broker and compliance, sales and marketing support solution for California's small, family-run boutique wineries.

Partnering with small wineries across California,  KERNWINE utilizes our extensive network of specialty wine distributors across the country to "matchmake" sales relationships and open new distribution channels for our winery partners while introducing California's best "hidden gem" wines to new markets across the USA.

KERNWINE is a full-service brokerage. We forge and maintain long-term sales relationships and handle all of our winery partner's licensing, compliance, and reporting needs to maintain their' legality in every state and keep their wine flowing unabated.

For our our distribution partners, we assist with full-load consolidation and shipping logistics, forge sales sheets and point-of-sale collateral, offer up-to-date information and knowledge on our wines at any time of the day with just a phone call or email, and contribute in-market sales support with ride-withs, trade pourings, and customer visits and tastings when our winemakers and winery owners are unavailable. 

With over a decade of experience in the wine industry -- from wine educator to retail wine shop owner to online retailer/wholesaler to wine club CEO -- KERNWINE's principal Chris Kern is uniquely qualified to bring together the best boutique wineries in California with the best distributors across the country, showcase outstanding wines to a wider audience, and sell more wine.



With KERNWINE, you focus on making and selling the wine; we handle the rest.




Our Services


Distributor Matchmaking

Through our extensive network of contacts and relationships with distributors in thirty-two states, KERNWINE helps wineries find their perfect distribution partners and matches distributors with wineries looking to sell wine in their states. We vet our wineries and distributors thoroughly, play matchmaker between them, and help negotiate the sales. KERNWINE also oversees the on-going relationship after the first cases have shipped by maintaining close contact and communication with winery and distributor to answer any questions, resolve any disputes, and ensure mutual happiness for the length of the relationship.

Container Consolidation and Logistics

Some distributors are reticent to work with smaller wineries because there may not be enough wine product to fill a container and make shipping cost-efficient. By warehousing our full portfolio of wines at one distribution hub, KERNWINE can effortlessly combine different wines from different wineries onto pallets and containers, and consolidate shipments into single FCL or LCL truckloads to ensure that our distribution partners are getting the most wine for their transportation buck and that the logistics process is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Sales And Marketing Support

From sales sheets for your sales reps to shelf-talkers, neck hangers and other point-of-sale collateral, KERNWINE works with our winery partners and a talented team of graphic designers to create and distribute all the sales and marketing tools a distributor needs to most effectively market our wines and attract attention and generate sales in the marketplace.

In-Market Sales Support

Winemakers and winery owners are a busy lot, and unfortunately do not always have the time or resources -- especially around harvest -- to travel into a market, meet with customers, and pour their wines. KERNWINE is there when the winemakers cannot be, accompanying sales reps on ride-withs, networking with your retail and restaurant customers, pouring at your trade tastings, and providing all the information you need to secure the sale and move that wine.

Compliance, Licenses, and reporting

KERNWINE has partnered with Compliance Meister and their decade-plus experience in the wine and spirits compliance space to offer our winery partners complete licensing, compliance, and reporting solutions for every state in which they sell wine. We know exactly what licenses a winery needs in each state and will put together all the forms and applications while shepherding them through the system. Having worked extensively with wineries large and small, importers, and wholesalers, Compliance Meister knows the ins-and-outs of the too-often confusing world of compliance. Through an extensive network of contacts at alcohol control boards across the nation, Compliance Meister and KERNWINE keep you up-to-date and informed about the latest changes in each state's wine and spirits law and policy and ensure that you never fell behind or are penalized for having the wrong licenses.

Accounts Payable

Never stress about an unprocessed or unpaid invoice again. KERNWINE acts as a virtual accounts payable department for every distribution transaction. We invoice the distributors promptly for every sale. We follow-up with the distributors to make sure that the invoices are paid in a timely manner. We negotiate and inspect all chargebacks, discounts, and fees to ensure that everything is approved in advance and that line-items are accurate. And once an invoice is paid, we deduct any commissions and fees on our end and send you a check, so you don't need to worry about any additional accounting or bookkeeping.

Your Liaison To Wineries and Distributors

KERNWINE is the bridge that brings small wineries and distributors together. We pledge full transparency on everything we do and remain in constant communication with our partners on both sides of the sale, to pass along information, facilitate negotiations,  build long-lasting and profitable relationships and serve our partners' needs in the swiftest and most comprehensive way possible.




OUr Winery Partners


KERNWINE represents the finest small boutique wineries in California. Through years in the wine industry, we have built tremendous relationships with scores of small, family run wineries throughout California. We assist them in growing their brands, increasing their national presence, and disseminating their wines across as many states as they select. We work hard for our winery partners to find them the best distribution fits and maximize their business in the most effective way. We know these wineries; we love these wines; and it is our corporate mission to introduce them and their wines to as many wine lovers as possible.

A list of our current winery partners is below. Please click on their logos to find out more about them.







KERNWINE releases our portfolio twice a year: in the Spring/Summer, and in the Fall/Winter. Our portfolio spotlights all of our partner wineries and their represented wine offerings, along with pricing and case volumes.

You can download our current portfolio here.




OUr Distribution Partners

Like with our winery partners, KERNWINE only works with the best specialty distributors across the country. We prefer smaller distributors who understand the unique needs of our boutique wineries and are willing to work closely with them to bring their wines to market and build their brands into powerhouses. We expect every relationship forged with a distributor to be a long-term one that benefits all parties involved. We want to sell as much wine as possible, but we won't sell our soul or sell out our partners to do it.

Please click on the map below to learn more about our distribution partners in each state.




If you are a winery interested in having KERNWINE assist you with finding ideal wine distributors outside of California, or if you are a distributor interested in bringing some of the finest boutique wines from California into your  states, please use the following form to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours or receiving your query.

You may also contact KERNWINE by giving us a call at (310) 795-9756 or emailing us at chris [at] kernwine [dot] com.